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Sordid Lives creator Del Shores returns to Palm Springs with his new one-man show, Six Characters in Search of a Play.

Sordid Lives creator Del Shores new one-man show directed by Emerson Collins proves once again that he is not a writer, he’s a self-proclaimed thief!  In Six Characters In Search Of A Play, Shores is inspired by Pirandello’s classic play to bring you six characters inspired by his real-life encounters that haven’t quite made it into one of Shores’ plays, films or TV shows. 

In 90 minutes, the audience will hear the truth behind how he collected these eccentrics, then he will portray them in classic Shores’ monologue style.   The audience will walk away knowing “Yvonne”, the vegetarian-hating Texas waitress; “Sarah”, an elderly actress who is determined to drink and smoke herself to death if Trump is elected; “Jimmy Ray”, the evolving Georgia redneck, “Loraine”; the once brilliant drama teacher who has lost her damn mind and is now obsessed with porn; “Aunt Bobbie Sue” the loud-mouth racist Republican with a heart of gold; and “Marsha”, the monkey-hating lesbian with CPOD. 

Get ready to laugh, think and maybe shed a tear or two.

“Del Shores is the grand master of Southern lowlife sensibilities.”

Daily Variety

“Del Shores is a master of the Texas comedy.” 

Los Angeles Times

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