Saturday -  Main Stage Headliner

See her perform LIVE for free at the Cathedral City LGBT Days Main Stage!

Performing her #1 Pop & Dance Hit Songs

Rhythm is a Dancer
I Got the Power
I'm Addicted To You 
Can't Get Enough 
Just About Had Enough 

Thea Austin, the (5 octave) former lead singer for SNAP, wrote and sang the massive #1 pop hit "Rhythm is a Dancer." Thea is also the current lead singer of the dance group SoulSearcher, Thea, also had a huge club hit with the songs "Can't Get Enough" and "Do It To Me Again."

In the US recording under the group name of Pusaka (featuring Thea Austin), Thea lends her vocals to the smash hit "I'm Addicted To You" aka "You're the Worst Thing for Me" (written by Thea, Chris Cox and DJ Irene, and then remixed by Chris Cox & DJ Irene) which is being heralded as THE anthem for the summer, and was rushed out as a remix single on May 8th, by Tommy Boy Records. "DMA Magazine" gave this new song 5 Stars, and when the song was tested at the Winter Music Conference, it turned out to be a SMASH HIT with the DJ's! That's why it has ZOOMED to the top of the Billboard dance charts, and became the #1 dance song in the country. The song was heard on radio, and on the hit TV shows "Queer as Folk," and "Sex in the City." At the Winter Music Conference, the song won the award for "Best Underground 12"."

Ministry of Sound, out of the UK, recently released remixes of her # 1 Pop/Dance hit "Rhythm Is A Dancer." Along with the new remixes is a hot new video which stars Thea and was shot in London.

Needless to say this new version of the classic song "Rhythm Is A Dancer" and video has reignited dance clubs and radio stations all over the world all over again.


Live performance

Saturday, March 31 at 5:30pm

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